Finding good laptop stock photos for tech blogs is hard. Everything related to computers, laptops in particular, feels too “stocky” so to speak. Check out these 20 free photos shows a man on a laptop. They should be good for any laptop related blog post, presentation, or website page.

1. Top Photo: Hispanic Man on Laptop

A relaxed hispanic man typing on a laptop. This is my favorite. (Source / CC-BY-NC-SA)

I chose this image as the first pick for this article because it feels so natural– just a dude chilling at home on his computer. It has a wide variety of uses and features diversity. It’s available on Flickr under a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license, meaning you can use it for free for any non-commercial use if you give credit.

2. Man Using a MacBook

Just an ordinary guy typing on a MacBook laptop.

Boy do I miss those old white MacBooks. This Public Domain photo from Unsplash can be used for any use, even commercial, without attribution. So use this free photo to your heart’s content!

3. Man Typing on a Laptop (Black & White)

Typing on a laptop (via Flickr)

Here’s a black and white photo of a man on a laptop for some variety. Like the first image, this one is also a free Creative Commons photo that does not allow for commercial use. I personally think this would look good in a presentation or a blog post where you want to keep things simple and color-free.

I like that the photo has nice lighting coming in from the window. So it’s also about the scene, not just the laptop.

4. Man Sitting with His Laptop Outside

This photo shows a man with his laptop outdoors.

Forget about those old fashioned “man on the beach” stock photos from the early 2000’s. This free photo of a man on his laptop outdoors in the city (via Unsplash) is much more modern. I think the context gives it a lot of energy. It’s public domain, so use it however you want.

5. Man Using his Notebook Computer on the Sofa

Feel at home with this guy on his laptop at home.

I found this one on PicJumbo. Again, something– not just a random person in a suit in his office. Would look good anywhere. Free for any type of use, though it’s always nice to give credit.

6. Business Man on his Laptop

Ok, you know we’d get there eventually. At some point we had to include a business man on his laptop. Here’s a free photo showing just that from Unsplash (public domain).

This one is all about the laptop– no face– so it might be good for ads and other types of commercial use where you need a model release for recognizable people.

7. Another Guy Typing on His Laptop

Forget the old iPhone in the background. This pic looks very current.

Same trick, different dog. Another public domain photo that can be be used for any laptop-related subject. I like the top-down angle the photographer chose (link).

8. Frustrated Man Working on his Laptop

Hustle harder, bro.

Maybe this guy was laid off from WeWork before his options vested? Or maybe he’s just hard at work? This is a great photo of a younger man / startup founder grinding the day away on his laptop.

9. Working on a Laptop in a Coffee Shop

Stereotypical but original enough photo of a guy working on his computer in a coffee shop. The American flags in the background give it a nice small-town feel. I like that the man is happy but not in a creepy way. Found this under public domain on Unsplash.

10. Creative man working at his desk

Is he really working on his laptop or just pretending? (via ISO Republic)

From the camera lenses to the coffee mug, this image checks all the boxes for stock photo stereotypes. But it’s not over-edited and feels simple enough, so we like it.

11. Old Man on Laptop

Grandpa can type, too, thank you very much. This free image is CC-BY-NC, so no commercial use, please.

Diversity isn’t just about background or ethnicity. Age matters, and older people are under-represented in tech. So here’s a picture of an old man on a laptop. Grandpa can type, too!

12. Dude Having Conversation with another man with laptop in lap

A really nice photo of a man having a conversation with another man with a laptop in his laptop via Pexels. Again, a really natural photo that conveys a lot of meaning. You could use it for almost anything. It feels very warm and welcoming versus cold photos of men on their laptops alone. The more, the merrier!

13. Another guy on the sofa using his computer

Feels a bit meh, but I could see this being useful for startup or enterprise websites. This photo is also in the public domain (source).

14. Top-down view of a man using computer laptop on a desk

A guy working on his laptop. Coffee includes, of course.

This photo of a man on his laptop from Rawpixel lacks color, but that’s why it could be a good pick for your project or presentation. It could be perfect for text overlay. It might look good in black and white, too.

15. Lazy Guy at Work

This image from startup stock photos isn’t the best, but not everyone can work all the time. So why not someone being lazy next to their computer? Slackers will always be slackers (Computer processor photo via Pinterest).

16. Male Hands Typing on a Laptop

This photo looks dated but at least the male subject is doing something.

A guy wearing a watch using his laptop. He is doing a search on Google (via Unsplash). Not the most exciting free image ever, but sometimes you have to take what you get.

17. Person Writing Next to His Laptop

Love the black tones of this photo.

This next photo is a lot more exciting than the last one. A very masculine guy working– maybe in an office? Unlike the other shots, the laptop here is in the background and really isn’t a focal point. But that’s ok in my book.

18. Woman Looking at Man on his Laptop

I guess there’s a pool, too.

Caught in the act? Needing supervision at work? I’m sure this photo from burst has a story. I’m assuming it’s just two people at work doing a project together.

23. Men Working Together on Computers

Team work is dream work

These people look nice enough. Mostly a group of men working on their laptops in a meeting room. I like this photo quite a bit.